‘Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds’ is a photographic collection of ageing Japanese playgrounds, captured by photographer Carine Thévenau, in rural Japan. The playscapes are either abandoned or empty due to seasonal snowfall, but the absence of life creates a space, ripe for the imagination. Although the playgrounds may arouse a nostalgic sensation, a more critical analysis reveals a portrait of place and offers us a glimpse of spacetime paused, yet actively in motion.

The book was published through Éditions (a First Edition of 500 including 25 Special Edition signed and numbered copies with an origami print) which was launched at Koskela Gallery, Sydney and Kinokuniya's Wedge Gallery, Sydney.

Now available via Éditions

Scope of work: Posters, Print, Publishing


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Éditions Carine Thévenau Poster
Éditions Carine Thévenau Poster